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A successful 21st-century ad campaign is no simple feat. Campaigns have to be integrated (vertically and horizontally), but also responsive, agile and measurable to boot. Our approach is always to find the best way of articulating your product or brand message, but also to spread that message through channels where it’ll have the most impact. In short, every message must have a meaning behind it.

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  • Getting on brief

    We begin with the brief, solidly defining the background and the objective(s) of the project. For us, this is the most critical element in making a project successful and we spend a good deal of time making everyone is on the same page.

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  • Identifying our audience

    The next step is to understand our target audience. It’s not enough to know roughly who they are, we need to know where they are, how the communicate, what marketing channels they use and what motivates or drives them. We often work backwards, starting with our audience’s experience and extrapolating what inspires and engages them, giving our creative teams a solid place to start.

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  • Creative routes

    With our brief and strategy bullet-proofed, our creative teams set to work. Whether designers, copywriters, strategists or digital specialists, it’s the team’ job to brainstorm ideas, establish territories and develop creative routes that will help satisfy the brief. the aim to achieve the objectives of the brief.

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  • Constant collaboration

    What makes us different is the collaboration we encourage between our teams and clients. Other agencies may present work as the finished article, but we involve you in the process, making sure you are on board at every stage to help shape the message. We’re after input, feedback, opinions, likes and dislikes, all of which helps refine our creative.

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