digital design

When it comes to UX and digital design, we make sure that everything we create puts the user at the heart of the digital journey. Our approach allows us to create intuitive digital experiences designed to elicit exactly the right user response.

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  • Beginning at the end

    To start, we identify exactly where we want to finish. We begin by mapping out the objectives the online experience needs to deliver, then manage the often tricky balancing act between conversion and brand awareness

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  • Getting personal

    The next thing we do is to get under the skin of our target audience. We build personas that outline who our customers are, what they want, what motivates and drives them and what will work to engage them.

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  • Interactive wireframes

    From here we structure our user journeys, calculating exactly how our users are likely to behave and how these behaviours can be adapted to fit our objectives. We also develop a series of interactive wireframes that demonstrate our ideal journey through the core sections of the website, highlighting content placement, calls-to-action and navigation concerns.

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  • Continual testing

    But it doesn’t stop there! Once we’ve delivered, we test, test and test again, allowing nothing to leave our possession until we know it’s exactly the right fit for a design that complements our carefully crafted user experience.

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