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Power to the people

The whole idea of CMS is that it doesn’t need experts to manage. Any non-technical user can edit and publish content using templates and a simple web-browser interface, meaning that you are put in charge of your own website.

Building up the system

The key elements of a Content Management System application are:

– The ability to create content through templates which require little or no technical expertise
– The ability to review content using a set workflow

There are plenty of questions that need answering. What are the client’s needs? What are yours? Who exactly will be adding content? What is their skill level with the technology you plan to use? All these things govern the features that our team will take into consideration when building your bespoke Content Management System.

High-quality bespoke web design

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say that the main goal of building your Content Management System project is to give non-technical users the ability to add text content to a website. With a good content management system in place, your non-technical staff members will be able to update pages of your website, intranet and other web-based platforms simply by adding body to the content management system (typically a web-based portal) and specifying what page the information should be fed to.

Hassle-free site management

The other, more technical aspects of your website, such as the design and UX will remain the same for each new piece of information added, meaning that updating your online platforms is hassle free and accessible to anyone with basic computer skill. So, if you’re looking for a way to simplify uploading content to your web platforms, we can give you the content management tool to do it easily and efficiently.

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