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Reaching your audience

There are plenty more stats that back up why mobile is critical to get right. More than half of all mobile users are aged between 18 and 34, and what’s more, two-thirds of all people consuming information through their phone immediately act on the information they’re given.

Tailoring for mobile

With this in mind, your online presence and email campaigns need to be tailored not just to desktops, but also to mobile technologies. Far too many companies continue to optimise their emails and web content solely for desktops. The audience you’re trying to target don’t appreciate having to scroll in awkward fashions just to see the entire page that you’re trying to show them. They’ll just look for another, more mobile friendly company that provides them with that product or service – it’s as simple as that.

So, how can we help?

There are so many ways in which you can better optimise your company’s online content for mobile. Maybe you could enlarge the font? Or focus the content of your web page in a single column? Or perhaps you should design the interactive parts of your website specifically for touchscreen interfaces? It’s important to remember that Content, as well as design, can be optimised when it comes to improving your mobile accessible web content. These are just some of the countless ways to achieve deeper mobile optimisation, making your website or other content easier to digest.

Don’t get left behind!

Not only are new handsets and devices continuously launching, they are endlessly bringing new technologies and with them new possibilities to really maximise the success of your business online. Spark can help you really make the most of all things digital.

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