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Creating compellingly watchable content

Video has come a long way since the days of big-budget TV spots, and the rise of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other sharing platforms has turbocharged the medium. Our approach is to remain agile, maintaining a clear working process that can be adapted to everything from corporate ads to Instagram shorts.

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  • Laying the groundwork

    First, we start with the planning. Whatever motion project we do, we always make sure we understand the brand essence, style and message the video is trying to convey.

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  • Prep makes perfect

    Next step is planning. From the conceptual moodboard down the detailed logistics of the film production, the more we prepare, the smoother the process will be.

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  • Doing the doing

    Perhaps the video is live action, perhaps it’s an interview or behind-the-scenes piece. Perhaps it involves no filming at all and sees our animators, illustrators and CGI artists creating something from scratch. Whatever it is, we’ll make sure the video not only looks stunning, but is in a format that aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

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  • From pillar to post production

    Finally, post-production editing, the most crucial and time consuming part of any motion project. For us, music plays a big role in the process, and we invest a lot of time and effort into finding the right track (sometimes even creating our own) that ties everything together neatly.

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