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A message from one of our work placements, Cara:
“My week at Creative Spark has helped me a lot in learning how an agency works and what everybody does day to day in order to complete a project. Creating a Stop Motion video was very entertaining and a completely new idea that I can now use in my coursework at school. The most useful thing for me was learning about the different job roles and what each one entails, that and everything else I have done has helped me to think about what I want to do in the future and has made me excited about hopefully joining the industry.
The placement has been a lot of fun, I have really enjoyed it, thank you very much Sparks for making me feel so welcome and I hope you all liked the cups of tea I’ve made!”
We did indeed, Cara. You make a reet good brew.
Good luck and thanks for spending time with us!

Mara Polansky

23rd June 2014