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Get to Know our New Creative Director

We’ve recently appointed our new Creative Director, Michael Nasralla ‘Naz’, who will be overseeing the creative direction and strategy over various Spark accounts.

Naz brings him a wealth of experience in design and creative strategy from various North West branding agencies, where he’s coordinated campaigns for global brands.

We found out more about him below…


What does a typical working day look like to you?

I have two young kids, so mornings are a madness. Basically I get bounced out of bed kicking and screaming about 6, make breakfast for them, get screamed at, swear lots under breath, pack school bags, get them changed, swear lots but louder. Get out of the door, deposit them at school / nursery. Start work, finish work. Run to regain sanity. Repeat.


What do you love about being a creative director?

Working with a creative team and inspiring new ideas, as well as the buzz and energy that creates. I enjoy facing different challenges each day and the feeling when you know you’re doing something new or creating something that’s shit hot!


What do you find the most challenging about it?

Working over Zoom, which is challenging for everyone at the moment, as well as juggling budgets, expectations and pushing clients to be braver in their overall approach.


What would you say some of the biggest changes are in the creative world right now?

Creating the natural energy that you get in the studio with people sharing ideas and inspiration remotely is difficult. People’s behaviour is changing rapidly due to the pandemic, some of which is set to stay.

For example digital and VR experiences are going to grow hugely over the next few years, with brands and agencies that lead the way reaping the rewards. Even shopper’s behaviours have changed, so with less time to spend browsing, bolder simpler designs will win out. 


What qualities do you think you need to be successful in your role?

Curiosity – not a problem, I’ve got loads! Patience – probably need to work on!


What are your top resources for keeping on top of industry updates?

The usual really; Instagram, Pinterest, design blogs. I still like flicking through the odd book or two and I am quite influenced by cubist and surreal art.

I remember being dragged round a Dali exhibition when I was a kid, which really made an impression on me – must have been his crazy tash!


Biggest Creative fail of all time?

I would say all perfume advertising is terrible, cliched, cheesy and just massively cringe in general. Switching from the Royal Mail to Consignia was a massive f up! Getting rid of an absolute classic for a bland meaningless swirl. Still don’t get Marathon to Snickers, or Opal Fruits to Starburst either. 


Finally, how do you most enjoy spending your free time?

I love being in the outdoors, running up mountains and generally getting lost. I am also a bit of a space geek. 


We’ll be sharing some of the campaigns Naz works on soon. Watch this space.

Alex Browne

2nd March 2021