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Placement diaries: Daniel

“These past two weeks that I’ve been at Spark Towers have really opened my eyes. I’ve seen how a creative office runs rather than any old boring number crunching one and, I tell you, not only is it fun, but the work gets done in a chilled out yet determined environment. Personally I feel all creative agencies should run the same as Creative Spark.

I started out my time by lending a hand to the heart of the Spark Towers, the people who make the whole place run, the Operations team. I helped the gang there with lots of different tasks.

Gradually, as I started to introduce myself to more of the office, began to start shadowing some of the designers, I had a great time simply sitting by their side, watching them work and get them the occasional brew here and there, as all work experience should usually consist of!

I also got set my own little project of creating a stop motion with some plasticine. I started seeing some regular patterns here and there and I just soaked in as much of the Spark essence as I could. Even though I couldn’t stick with one full project from start to finish, I did see each of the stages of a project through various other ongoing projects, from the research beginnings to the final signing off and approval from the client.

The whole team were very welcoming from the moment I said hello right the way through till I said my last goodbyes, and I’ll admit I am sad to say goodbye, but hopefully I can come back again for some more experience, and make everyone even more brews!


P.S thanks again guys for putting up with me for two weeks!”

Mara Polansky

28th July 2014