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Print still works

With the advent of digital advertising, print might seem to have taken a back seat to its pixelated cousin. However, a well thought out print campaign can still be a really effective way to either spread your brand to a new audience or retain your current one.

Eye-catching marketing

In some cases, an eye-catching design delivered straight into the hands of your customer can be more effective than through a smartphone or a laptop. Whether it’s a corporate brochure, a leaflet, or a flyer, our team of creative experts will ensure that you get exactly what you need from your printed marketing materials.

Going old school

As print marketing has somewhat fallen out of favour, so has the volume of printed marketing material arriving through our letterbox. Back when direct mail was in vogue, it was easy for direct mailers to get lost amongst the slew of other marketing material that came through our door. However, things have come full circle. With the emphasis being firmly on the digital world in the present day, there is room to really stand out with a well executed direct mail campaign.

Be non-traditionally traditional

Techniques such as leaflet dropping and mail order brochures are still welcomed in many industries. You can even put a non-traditional slant on the content to bring it into the digital age with a bit of creativity. At Spark, we bring the right combination of traditional and modern technologies together in our printed marketing materials to give you truly unforgettable pieces of marketing that will give you the edge you need to secure new business.

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