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Sticking within the lines

Given all of the hard work that is needed to establish a brand in the first place, the last thing that you will want is for that brand message to be lost in translation.

So what are ‘brand guidelines’, really?

A brand is about a certain attitude, style and behaviour, and by keeping that consistent across all of your company’s communications, you can ensure that your customers associate your brand with the right things for a long time to come. Brand guidelines are really just your brand ‘rules’. It’s what keeps you, you. From logo size to brand colours, brand guidelines ensure that you are communicating a single and coherent message, making your products and services instantly recognisable.

The brand guidelines that the Spark team give you will be a simple, easy to follow set of recommendations that ensure your brand is consistent. We know that to protect your brand, you need to at least understand its own guidelines. More than that, you really need to live your brand, from the ground up.

Don’t let your brand get out of hand

Having the right brand guidelines in place helps to make your brand stand out from the competition, at a time when there’s more of it about than ever. You need to communicate a unique aesthetic and language style if you are to make your brand – and by extension, the company and its products or services – memorable.

Brand guidelines help you to maintain that all-important unique identity. From your company colours and the look of your logo to the language that you use, there are so many aspects of your firm’s communications that feed into your brand, and here at Spark, we can give you the brand guidelines that help you to consolidate the look and feel of your brand across all your media.

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