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So, who exactly are you?

Here at Spark, we know that there are many aspects of a good corporate identity and we have drawn on that expertise to help many companies establish their own corporate identity.

Summing your brand up

The ultimate purpose of a corporate identity is to project a particular image of a company to its shareholders. Ultimately a good corporate identity is there to assist that company in fulfilling its business objectives. At Spark, we really understand brands, which enables us to create corporate identities for businesses that completely embody those businesses and resonate with those businesses’ customers.

Even if your company has been established over a lengthy period of time and already has a strong corporate identity, we can still help. An effective corporate identity should regularly evolve in accordance with changes in the company’s business objectives. We can help a business ensure that its corporate identity can regularly evolve in such a manner; we can, for example, work with the company’s existing design elements and develop them to match its evolving brand.

We’re waiting for your call

If you think that your business is suffering from an identity crisis and needs to be put back on track, our corporate identity services can establish how your company’s identity should subsequently develop and help you to achieve the consistent and professional corporate identity that you have always wanted for your business.

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