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Catching the customer’s eye

If you work in retail, then you won’t need us to tell you about the pressures that you are under. Customers don’t tend to spend much time contemplating a product on the shelf. People make their buying decisions quickly, and if your product packaging just isn’t suggesting the right things, they will be gone in a jiffy… potentially to buy a rival product.

A pedigree in packaging

If you are looking for some insight into how the Spark team goes about developing product packaging and design, you only need to ask the many other retail big names for which we have designed funky boxes, including Co-op and Philpotts. For these clients, as with every client, we worked closely with them to create something that they loved, but that – most importantly – their customers were also sure to love.

So, what are the big priorities when designing truly great product packaging? Well, the packaging needs to be attractive, of course, being of the right shape and using the right colours to draw the interest of the widest range of people possible, within your target market.

Getting the message across

The packaging also needs to convey the right message, fitting in with your wider branding strategy. Customers need to immediately know what they are getting, and why they should like it. From getting the logo placement right to introducing the right font and text size, there are so many variables to developing the perfect product package. But overall, the customer simply needs to love what they see, and be able to instantly imagine that item in their home.

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