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Making your voice heard

Without consistency, your brand is open to misinterpretation and critique by clients and competitors. The personality of your brand is at the core of everything you do; whether it’s fun and jokey or serious and informative, it must be consistent throughout.

Striking the right tone

Word choice and vocabulary contribute greatly to a potential client’s perspective of what your tone of voice is. Regardless of your intentions, it’s what the client perceives that matters, so a great amount of time should go into how you’d like to be perceived.

Keeping things consistent

Keeping a balance throughout all forms of media is greatly important to keeping your tone of voice consistent. Whether it’s formal or informal, there should be an even amount to come across professional, yet possess your own personal flair that’s easily received by audiences. This includes matching what you say with the images that you produce and use. Tone of voice extends to images and video too, and keeping them in line with your objectives and goals portrays a strong brand.

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