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POS is often treated as a poor cousin of other design disciplines, but for us it’s one of the most rewarding and interesting. Having worked with a number of retail clients we know the importance of POS in shaping a customer’s buying decisions. We have developed our own personal toolkit for making sure every POS piece works as hard as it can.

Our design team treat POS as a natural extension of your strategy and conceptual campaigns. We’ll make sure the tone of voice and visual assets you’ve taken such pains to perfect for other contexts are seamlessly executed at point of sale.

We don’t skip to the artwork stage either. We’ll scamp everything out, just as we would a concept route, and allow the same discussion and feedback cycle too. Once it’s up and running, we’ll evaluate how well it’s doing its job and make any required tweaks for the absolute optimal impact.

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We are really proud of the ‘Work of art for worktops’ campaign. The beautiful photography sets us apart from our competitors and positions our kettle as an extremely desirable kitchen appliance. We are very pleased with the response to the campaign and we can’t wait for the next phase. In addition, feedback from our buyers was that they haven’t seen a campaign like it before from Russell Hobbs, let along our competitors.

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