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What the heck’s UX?

UX is an overarching term meaning “user experience.” It’s mostly strategic design concerning user flows, customer journeys, architecture and strategy for business or brand experiences.

To good purpose

Before we begin, it is essential that you clearly identify what the purpose of your site is. Typical reasons why businesses develop websites include:

– Building brand awareness
– Saving money
– Selling products
– Providing improved customer support

Designing with UX in mind

Then, it’s all about the experience. As a brand agency with a web design focus, we believe that planning is crucial. Once we establish what the objective of your site is, we set about developing content to support that. When designing your website, the Spark team will plan a theme and structure that will hold all the pages together.

Branding your UX

The Spark team will create a common theme of colours, fonts, graphics and page layouts.
The brand and image of your business should be reinforced by your website. Consistent use of your company logo throughout the site will help in this and should be viewed as an element of your overall marketing strategy.

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