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Creating compellingly watchable content

The rise of internet and sharing platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook has turbocharged the visibility and importance of video production and motion graphics. We work on a huge range of projects in this area, ranging from prime time TV adverts to handcrafted animations and quirky CGI content for Instagram shorts. We also produce high quality corporate videos and branded content, maintaining the same production values as in our commercial work. The Creative Spark team can guide you through your project, bringing creativity, expertise, and good old fashioned hard work to every stage of a project right the way through from planning to post-production.

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  • Video process

    Whether we are creating a TV commercial, corporate video or branded content, our approach always starts with a production plan and creative concept. It is essential that we bring the brand to life through any video as well as deliver the  purpose of the content, so the treatment is key. Once the concept is agreed, we create a storyboard that is brought to life through treatment references, and supported by a solid script. From here we move into production, whether that be live action, animation or CGI, and then into post production where the magic happens!

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Video Production and Motion Graphics with Added Spark – What we do

Corporate video and branded content

Forget your preconceptions about dull corporate videos and say hello to the Creative Spark approach to corporate video and branded content. We use the same production values for our corporate work as we do for the commercial projects, and create impactful videos that will educate, entertain, and tell a story that animates your corporate identity. Done well, corporate videos can be a very effective way of engaging with your employees, your industry, or potential investors.

We’re masters at treading the fine line that corporate identities walk – finding the sweet spot between too animated and forced, and too reserved and dull – and we have helped numerous businesses to make dynamic, high quality corporate videos and branded content that helps to set them apart from their competition.

Events Video

Want to promote an event that hasn’t happened yet? Make your last event look incredible with a high quality event video and use that! Our skilled team of filmmakers and editors will capture the magic of your event, and produce an engaging film that documents the event, strengthens your brand, and positions you as an event expert.

The Creative Spark team are very experienced and have worked on a wide range of event videos, capturing everything from sports fixtures to keynote speeches at large conferences. Our videographers are well-equipped to deal with the challenges of filming at live events, and work quickly and unobtrusively to ensure that the kit, lighting, and camera angles are all in place to catch the perfect moment on film every time. A professionally filmed and edited event video can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool, and provides you with the scope to produce short sharp edited clips that can be seeded through your social media channels.

Web Video Production

High-quality, engaging video streamed directly from your website is a very effective way of giving customers an easily-digestible “in” to your brand, and what can sometimes be complex offerings. In the digitised age of 4G internet and superfast download times, online video has never been more important in raising your brand profile, capturing your audience’s attention, and helping you to stand out from your competitors.

Our skilled web production team will work with you to develop relevant, vibrant, and engaging online video that will open up a valuable pathway to audience engagement, and bring your brand, products, and services to a wider audience.

Music Video Production

It’s decades since Video Killed the Radio Star heralded the arrival of MTV, and the song choice has proven to be nothing if not prophetic. Music videos are now an essential part of both the culture of music, and music promotion. Marrying a song to a singular and creative video plays a huge role in ensuring that it stands out in a very crowded market place. Music videos have the power to catapult good songs into the stratosphere, and a well-executed music video can turn a popular song into a worldwide phenomenon. They’re so powerful they can even have the same effect on bad songs (we’re looking at you Gangnam Style).

The Creative Spark team have created music videos and promos for some amazing artists and big industry names like Sony, Universal, and Ministry of Sound. We have an eye for the unique, a temperament for the daring, and the production skills to back it up. We’re inspired by the pioneers who create the trailblazing videos that have kept the music video genre fresh for nearly forty years, and we’d love to work with you, so get in touch.


Computer-generated Imagery isn’t just for big bucks productions anymore, and our talented team can add some CGI wizardry to your video content at cost-friendly production prices. CGI is the application of computer graphics to create stunning visuals that will enhance any artwork or media. It’s a really effective way of creating content that is engaging, big on the wow-factor, and a huge boost to your brand and brand image.

If you want to see what we can do have a look at our showreel which features productions for clients such as Ministry of Sound and Universal Music. Our versatile and creative team have also brought CGI magic to brands you would less readily associate with innovative video production, to hugely great effect. Our tightknit team, fast turnaround, and competitive production costs mean we can make CGI enhanced video and other media accessible to a huge range of brands, big and small.


Animation is a highly versatile medium with possibilities limited only by the imagination. The Creative Spark team have imagination for days, and love the opportunity to create unique and original animations for our clients. The team have worked with a broad range of clients to create video animation for a wide variety of brands, each animation highly memorable in its own brand-specific way. Over the years we’ve turned our hand to pretty much everything, with projects ranging from 3D animations for promos and web apps, to animated characters that embody brand values and image.

Whether we help you to develop an existing concept or to create a concept from scratch, our team will bring two things to the table: their animation skills, and their branding expertise. Whatever your aim for your animation, we will deliver high impact digital or traditional animation that conveys your message and strengthens your brand.

TV Advertising

Even if you factor in the overall industry drift towards digital advertising, the potential reach of a TV advert can’t be denied, and adverts remain a huge opportunity for businesses to market themselves to large audiences. If your budget stretches to TV advertising, then so do we. The versatile Creative Spark team have delivered successful big-budget TV campaigns for national brands, but we have also created successful campaigns for smaller businesses with much more modest budgets. Money is always a factor in TV advertising, but if you work with us it doesn’t have to be a barrier to creativity or quality.

A good TV advert has to deliver a lot in its 30-or-so seconds: a succinct and recognisable presentation of your brand, easily digestible product or service information, and that special something that makes a successful advert memorable. The Creative Spark team work hard to ensure that all of the adverts that we make hit these marks every time.

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