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High-quality video content

Many businesses make use of corporate videos to set out their company vision and outline what sets them apart from their competitors. Although such videos may only be featured on the company website, their quality can often be just as high as a TV spot.

Video expertise

A laissez-faire attitude to corporate video production will leave you with an end product that doesn’t give your business the representation it deserves. Thankfully, the Spark team is rich in expertise when it comes to engaging and industry leading corporate/broadcast video production.

Corporate videos

Corporate videos have a reputation for being boring, but here at Spark, we look to subvert this expectation by creating impactful videos that tell a story. Far from creating dull lengthy monologues mixed with PowerPoint presentations, the corporate videos that we create use the same production values as the commercials and films that we create and will educate and entertain both your company’s employees and potential investors.


The broadcast video productions that Spark can create range from short sponsorship idents for TV shows to major commercial campaigns for international broadcast across a wide range of broadcast channels, including TV, cinema, digital outdoor and the web. We are thoroughly experienced in scriptwriting, storyboarding, shoot planning, filming, directing and post-production of broadcast video productions.

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