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Music video experts

Music videos need to offer something truly unique to help them stand out in a highly saturated marketplace. We’re here to help.

Making the most of the medium

Through the years, there have been several music videos that catapulted their respective songs into the stratosphere. Think ‘Money for Nothing’ and the pioneering use of computer animation, think OK GO and their reputation for ingenious, trailblazing music videos, and love it or hate it, think Gangnam style. A music video done well can turn a good song into a worldwide phenomenon.

Working with industry leaders

Here at Spark, we’ve worked with big industry names such as Universal Music, Sony and Ministry of Sound, helping them develop engaging music videos and promos for their acts and compilation albums. When it comes to music videos, we’ve got an eye for the unique and a temperament for the daring. We really connect with the material we’re given and develop visual ideas that complement the atmosphere of the songs we’re commissioned to produce music videos for.

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