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Ministry of Sound - Mod, Ska, Northern Soul

Ministry of Sound (MOS) wanted to attract a new audience and accomplish something that had never been done before - an album featuring legendary artists from the Mod, Ska and Northern Soul genres. This nostalgic series launched the ultimate collection charting the greatest anthems from each respective sound. The music was real, it was raw, it was born in rebellion. It was the true sound of the 60’s and 70's and MOS needed a visual way to bring this excitement to the collection.


TV Commercial

Visualising Sound


We had to be sympathetic to the other artists the albums would feature. While the project needed to be on brand, we wanted to emulate nostalgic elements and celebrate these exciting eras.

The creative needed to be clever, distinctive and slick whilst also appealing to a supermarket-buying audience. We needed to ensure the visuals incorporated the MOS logo in clever ways, but also looked iconic of that era and would generate excitement based on the amazing soundtracks that were being brought together.

We found the Spark

We chose the iconic khaki parka, the Mancunian armour of Britpop in the 60’s, with a MOS badge-style logo to represent each genre on the CD cover. This focused on the persona of the era’s audience and 1960’s northern British fashion, allowing us to draw attention to the genre, while featuring the partnership with MOS.

The TV commercial hero’d this era’s most iconic object, the legendary Lambretta, created with CGI. We stripped everything around the bike and made it a focal point of the whole ad, using camera angles to move around it for pan close-up shots. We created 60’s framing and brought the ad to life with lighting techniques, using the bike’s reflective surface and the mirrors to show glows of greens and oranges, adding to the video’s vintage feel. Badges were used throughout to showcase the bands and the different styles of music, whilst also making MOS a focus. Along with the bike, we highlighted a plethora of different objects synonymous with eras such as an iconic 60’s helmet. The video featured cuts and animation of transitions, with blocks coming in at each scene. This showed slithers of repeat images in blocks specifically on the bounce of each track to keep in sync with the sentiment the soundtrack.

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