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Bringing smiles and lead generation to life with Simply Money

Simply Money already offered a loan comparison service that allowed their customers to see what loans were available to them and apply. We worked with them to bring this solution to the next level, with a new brand that will instil trust and confidence and a brand new website design that brought this to life, with a focus on usability and conversion.



UX & Design

HTML Build

So let's keep it simple

Taking inspiration from the brand name itself, and concerns we know customers have, we arrived at a friendly, and reassuring strapline. It’s simplicity, with the added promise of a more rewarding and fulfilling customer experience, add that extra emotive aspect of getting a loan quickly and easily.

Smiles all around

The aim with design and the overarching user experience was to build a clear and friendly relationship with visitors, funnelling them effectively to the application form but with a consistent tone of voice and exposure to the new branding that built trust with Simply Money and the services they offer. 

The new templates were developed from a sitemap, through wireframes, to fully rendered desktop and mobile designs with all supporting content as required for launch.

The final deliverable of the website redesign was static HTML, to an agreed specification, that the client’s own development team integrated into their platform. This is something we often do, especially with financial companies with their own bespoke solutions.

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