The Inside-Out Advantage:

Unleashing Your Brand’s Potential

“External branding and creative campaigns catch a customer’s attention, but the authenticity of the internal brand really captures their hearts. The value of this should never be underestimated”

Jo Street, Marketing Director at GHG Group

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    A great brand reputation and sustainable growth doesn’t just come from brilliant advertising campaigns, it starts from within - and overcoming the barriers is easier than you think.

    In a world of ever-evolving technologies, customer demands and changing marketplaces, keeping your brand moving forward can be fraught with challenges.

    While senior marketers are under pressure to meet commercial targets, brand building can quickly take a back seat. Let alone internal branding, which is an underestimated, yet critical part of pushing your brand at pace.

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    In this guide we look at

    • The importance of including employees as a target audience
    • Average marketing spend on internal communications
    • Myth-busting internal branding beliefs
    • Common barriers for marketers when it 
comes to internal branding
    • The benefits of getting it right
    • How to get started by taking small steps