Building brands with direction, energy and momentum

Spark Service Brand

Brands need to continuously adapt to ensure your business stays ahead. We develop insight-driven, agile brand strategies, brought to life through compelling and flexible visual and verbal brand identities.

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Brand Insight

Having insight into your brand means you’ll know it inside and out.

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Brand Strategy

A successful long-term brand strategy is strong, yet flexible.

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Brand Position & Proposition

The reasons customers will choose your brand instead 
of your competitor.

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Brand Architecture & Hierarchy

Brand architecture refers to the structure of you brand.

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Brand Marques & Logos

This is the recognisable visual symbol for your business.

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Brand Identity

Creating the perception
of your brand in your customers’ mind.

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Brand Tone of Voice

Tone of Voice defines how you communicate with your audience.

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Brand Naming & Nomenclature

Brand naming is critical, and nomenclature defines the naming process.

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Brand Environments & Experience

Anywhere your brand has a presence is your brand environment.

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Brand Tools & Guidelines

Guidelines equip your business with the tools 
to strive.

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Creative Spark got us, they understood our journey and listened to why we were asking for their help. We had a good brand, one that people loved but we needed elevation in an organic but special way.
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