Your Delivery In Your Hands

DeliveryApp is the UK’s fastest-growing courier company. Traditional third-party delivery services often left businesses feeling disconnected and powerless with limited options, rigid processes and poor communication. DeliveryApp offers something unique - a fast and easy way to book, pay for and track courier deliveries in real-time, from collection to delivery. The user-friendly app makes organising deliveries fast, convenient and transparent.

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand identity
  • Tone of Voice
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Having had recent investment from multiple stakeholders, including Rio Ferdinand, DeliveryApp had big aspirations. We needed to build on their success - taking their effective business model and great product and service and transforming them into a tech powerhouse and a household name.

As a start-up, they had the opportunity to do something different and it was our job to take them from a trusted service to a plucky challenger.

From trusted service to a plucky challenger

To find a single and defining brand proposition, we needed to do a huge amount of insight gathering. We experienced DeliveryApp for ourselves through our very own delivery, interviewed customers and drivers, reviewed the competitor landscape and gathered copious amounts of desk research. It was clear that three key things stood out with DeliveryApp;

- Being a responsible business
- Delivering a superior experience
- Technology and innovation

DeliveryApp felt that the tech was the clear differentiator against the rest of the market and from this, our brand positioning came to life - ‘Your delivery in your hands’. This positioning really encapsulates the fresh perspective that DeliveryApp is bringing to reshape the industry, providing customers with a superior delivery experience, more power and more control.

It brings to life their commitment to utilising technology and innovation to drive a better customer experience. It puts the simple-to-use platform and exceptional user experience at the forefront of what they do, showcasing how DeliveryApp harnesses the latest data and tracking functionality to provide market-leading visibility and control and empowers businesses of all sizes to take advantage of high-quality delivery services.

The identity needed to reflect this positioning - providing them with a powerful brand toolkit that was challenging, innovative, encouraging, optimistic and forward-thinking.

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A fresh new look to revolutionise the delivery sector

We developed the DeliveryApp box - a dynamic asset that represents DeliveryApp’s ability to flex and adapt to their customer's needs. The box was also a play on their product - but could shift and change to showcase the diverse range of items they can deliver. This powerful device provided us with a distinctive graphic language for the brand.

The mark and logotype was crafted to include the box at the very heart - introducing this flexible asset at every touchpoint. Our vibrant and distinctive colour palette and photography style reflects the emotional benefit of a platform built around control, ease, optimism and empowerment. It also gave them the edge they needed to really stand out as a challenger in the market.

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Developing an effortless voice

DeliveryApp empowers businesses, so the tone of voice and every word we write needed to match this mission. That means sparking confidence and inspiring trust. We developed an empowering, savvy, confident, straight-up and playful tone, always considering if we could say the same message in less words to keep it as punchy as possible.

The DeliveryApp personality comes across positive and savvy (and perhaps even a touch provocative when the mood takes). Whichever audience they’re speaking to, the message needs to be customer centric, tapping into their mindset to communicate benefits in ways they’ll find compelling. Where we do need to add a little more detail, we avoid unnecessary fluff, like jargon or irrelevant formalities.

Above all, we want copy to mirror the experience you expect from the DeliveryApp service – effortless. Headlines such as ‘Way more flex (and way less faff)’, ‘Delivering your thing, is our thing’ and ‘Get your goods a chauffeur’ clearly demonstrated their benefits in a compelling way.

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