Harnessing the power of football to unite people

Ballerz is a unique, football based entertainment concept that perfectly combines competitive socialising with professional, lifestyle & fitness training. The sites will offer session-based activities to cover all areas of the great game, merging the gamification of skills challenges with the traditional elements of coaching and matches. They are creating a space which allows for a truly authentic and immersive football experience through the incorporation of technology. With backing from top premiership players and coaches - Rio Ferdinand, Roberto Carlos, Bobby Zamoras and Mark Noble - with the goal to maximise health fitness and fun, we were tasked with developing and building their brand from scratch - getting it ready to launch to market in Spring 2024.

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand identity
  • Tone of voice
  • Website development

Hey Baller, wanna play?

As a brand that hadn’t launched to market yet, we were starting from scratch - with even the name not being agreed on yet.

In order to land on our brand proposition and brand name, we needed to immerse ourselves in this world and carry out in-depth insight gathering and research. We did this through a series of workshops with key stakeholders, reviewing the competitor landscape and lots of desk research.

Ballerz felt that in order to differentiate against the rest of the market we needed to encapsulate the following qualities:

01. Inclusivity & accessibility are at the heart of our offer
02. Create a community that spans the physical and digital worlds
03. We need to feel authentic and genuine
04. Create a brand that has to have universal appeal

From this, our brand positioning came to life - ‘Harnessing the power of football to unite people’.

As the world’s most popular sport, we believe that football possesses a unique ability to transcend boundaries, borders,cultures and backgrounds - and ultimately change lives for the better. That’s why our goal is to unleash the power of football to bring people together and create a positive impact on individuals and communities.

We’ve created an immersive, innovative and inclusive football experience that harnesses the power of the sport’s shared passion and community spirit to unite people under the banner of a common language.

We’ve developed a space that captures the electrifying energy and camaraderie of football, caters to diverse community needs and will act as a catalyst for connection, collaboration and celebration. The identity needed to reflect this positioning - providing them with a powerful brand toolkit that was optimistic, positive and purposeful.


A symbol of togetherness

We developed a bold and simple mark. Combining the forms of the ‘Z’ with the ‘B’ in ‘Ballerz’ to create an energetic letterform. All encased by a shield, reflecting logos of football clubs around the world in a modern way. The mark can be used by itself in smaller areas, when it’s not necessary to get across the Ballerz name. This powerful device provided us with a distinctive graphic language for the brand.

Our energetic type animations capture the spirit and emotions of football. Each type application will have fast-paced motion applied to a few different words and phrases. Harnessing the energy and camaraderie of sport with vibrating letterforms that repeat around the word.

Our pattern elements - derived from the Ballerz ‘B’ - can be used in a number of ways. As a background element, a frame for photography, in small sections of grids, or as a graphic element in pages.

We developed a distinctive hero colour palette - primarily used for pops of colour in backgrounds, patterns and our stickers. Our photography style is bright and vibrant with infectious enthusiasm playing a vital role in bringing energy and good vibes. Dynamic angles of people, and an inclusive mix of ages and ethnicities.

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Every player welcome

Football connected us like nothing else. And we’re a conduit for that positive energy and potential for fun, fitness, belonging and individual skills development like nowhere else.

We developed an inclusive, empowering, playful, positive and punchy tone. We’re tuning in to something inside every player – and potential player. This is a key ingredient for our tone of voice. We believe that football is for everyone, which means that when we speak no one should feel left out.

It’s simple, and our voice should be too. Short headlines are better. Single words are often best. Write with punch and power. We don’t mind making our own rules, or breaking a few either. If MEGZ looks better than MEGS, use that. Play around. The more fun you have, the more fun it will be to read.

Headlines such as Kick it, every player welcome and hey baller, wanna play? demonstrate their empowering and positive tone of voice in a short and snappy way.

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