Certain Advantage

The difference makers

When one great job leads to another.

Following the success of our work with their high-end recruitment consultancy Crone Corkill, our partnership with RGF recruitment continued, with an opportunity to look at another of their recruitment companies, Advantage Resourcing. Unlike Crone Corkill, which had a highly respected history and clear identity, Advantage Resourcing had a shorter legacy, combined with specific challenges that needed to be overcome.

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A tough nut to crack

During their short lifespan, the company had already gone through several name changes and restructures. While everyone within the organisation was hard-working and dedicated, they had their own clients and relationships - this autonomous working culture meant that they were losing sight of who they were as an organisation.

Our task was to create alignment and brand clarity, to unite and empower internal teams, attract external audiences and instil trust universally.

The future is Certain

The core team driving the brand project helped to clarify a clear viewpoint for the company, which helped to shape the creative brief. There had been certain concerns around changing the name of the organisation after previous attempts hadn’t had the desired effect. However, after reviewing the brief, completing extensive research, digesting information and considering all eventualities, everyone united behind the name the name ‘Certain Advantage’.

At Certain Advantage, they believe organisations deserve the absolute best quality candidates, transformative individuals who can take their business forward. The single-minded word Certain suggests confidence. It represents the skills and intelligence that Certain Advantage colleagues have and how they apply this skill to dig deep and source the ideal candidates for every role – making a real difference. This clarity enabled us to come up with our positioning, The Difference Makers

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8. Colour Palette

The Difference Makers

With a new name and a new positioning, we knew that the identity we came up with must communicate The Difference Makers. The visual route selected was inspired by data, by facts, and numbers. We developed a suite of stand-out graphic devices and an impactful colour palette to create abstract shapes representing measurable quantities, mathematical symbols and charts, crafted with a beautiful and engaging style.

We used this suite of graphic devices to create a language that the brand could own – one that was driven by data and that could speak in simple terms to prove Certain Advantage really can deliver The Difference Makers; the candidates that can change your business. And they can prove it with the data.

Graphic devices were extracted to house photography and inspire imagery. This was partnered with a confident and straight talking tone of voice. We rolled the new brand out across a suite of example digital and printed collateral, all compiled into a comprehensive set of brand guidelines. The new identity for Certain Advantage is bold and confident, underpinned by facts, figures and results.

Certain Advantage - the difference makers.

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