2024 Design Report Update

2024 Design Report Update

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The team has been busy, checking out the latest design trends, revisiting our early-year predictions, and making sure we’re bang up-to-date in our mid-year trends report.

From brand and digital to campaign and advertising, we’ve got you covered with our insights on what’s making impact in 2024.

You can check out the full report here and we’ve pulled out some of our favourites below.


Tailored Type

More and more brands are choosing to create their own typefaces. This decision not only enables a unique visual style but also reduces long-term costs by eliminating the need for licensing fees across all touch points

Images sources: Spotify, Canva, RSPCA, JKR, TJMaxx, McCann, Pets at Home, Nomad


Packing a Punch

Everyone knows the Coca-Cola bottle was designed to be recognised by touch alone. That level of distinctiveness is priceless in a competitive world. More brands
are now investing in unique packaging and user experiences to gain a market advantage.

Images sources: TWYG, Fussy, Menaud, Human Essentials, Nue


Creative Canvas

Creativity knows no bounds, and designs are evolving into dynamic canvases. This trend features a seamless blend of playful lettering & illustration. Tools like Figma, with their boundless boards, enhance the creative process and collaboration, and is beginning to influence output in the real world.

Images sources: Pferdefestival, Arcade Studio, Pinterest, Amplify, Figma, Collins


Go Big

The short and explosive direction for Moju really caught our eye with clever words and complimentary imagery. This enabled this campaign to stretch to a monumental size.  Simple ideas can be amplified massively and stretch across a wide display of media. We love this style of simple, short and punchy advertising.

Images sources: Moju, Who Wot Why, WeRoad, DUDE, The Tofoo Co, Who Wot Why, Nakd

Read the full report here.