5 Creative Gifts to Buy This Christmas

5 Creative Gifts to Buy This Christmas

Recommended by our very own, Jodie:

Now that Black Friday riots have passed, it’s time to actually sit down and buy those really meaningful presents, other than a TV brand you’ve never heard of going for one pound twenty or some really creative salt and pepper shakers for someone with high sodium levels and a major black pepper allergy.

So let’s take a look at our top five creative gifts for creative people.

  1. USB Toast Flash Drives

There’s nothing like being reminded at breakfast to backup those all important documents with these toasty little critters! Ranging from slightly wobbly warm to completely barbecued, you can’t go wrong with a nice 8Gbs of data goodness. Just don’t get your toasters mixed up.


And, if you’re feeling a little chilly this christmas, follow up with this toasty accessory too for £29.99:


  1. ROMO – £129

Feeling really bloated after christmas dinner can hit us all at some point and can cause inadequacies when attempting to walk, so enter ROMO the roaming robot. Slap on your iPhone and transform it into an amazingly inappropriate video recorder… we kid, this probably wouldn’t go down well with your recently bowel-irritated girlfriend.

So soak up some of this cheeky robots personality and convert him into a roaming video communications device, either to order more Christmas Turkey from your kitchen-bound mother or to remind your roomie to lock up after everyones gone home, all from the comfort of your own bed.


  1. The Lomo Instant Camera – £119.99

Don’t miss out on those unforgettable moments this Christmas when uncle Frank has too many Advocaat Snowballs and does a dive bomb through the buffet spread. Instantly collect those moments you hold close to your heart and instantly show your friends and family so they never forget, or have plausible evidence to blackmail uncle Frank so he doesn’t end up in that state again!

This candid camera comes with 3 versatile lenses; fisheye, portrait & closeup, automatic and manual mode and those instaprint memories you can keep for a lifetime. We love you uncle Frank!


  1. Toymail – £49.99

We love cool, little creatures here at CS, so here’s some more!

Stay connected with your kids, partner or those friends you like to annoy the most with Toymail! Say hello to Buck, Fairfax, Milksop, Rochester and Snort, the cute voice messengers that are fully iOS compatible, as well as Android via Google Play.

Simply connect these little bad boys through your wifi and they will say messages sent to it in a hilariously funny voice! You can also sign up to The Daily Toymailer to receive personalised morning greetings with jokes, news, fun facts, stories and much more.


  1. William Shakespeare’s Star Wars – £11.99

For those of you getting into the mood for The Force Awakens, we suggest a little light reading in the form of a 16th Century rendition of A New Hope. “These art not the droids thou’re looking f’r!”, but they’re definitely the books a Star Wars fan will be looking for, to satisfy those eclectic needs!

You can also pick up ‘The Empire Stricketh Back’ and ‘The Jedi Doth Return’ at the same price! 

May the forceth be with thou!



Lomo Instant Camera


William Shakespeare's Star Wars