5 Of The Most Pioneering Brands Of All Time

5 Of The Most Pioneering Brands Of All Time

In order for a brand to be deemed pioneering or innovative, it must work tirelessly to achieve fresh ideas and bring something new to the table that will catch the eye of the consumer. In a world with so many companies across different industries fighting to be one of the best, new technology and creativity must be put to best use.

At Creative Spark we understand the journey in becoming a pioneering brand; we have worked with brands such as Seven Bro7hers Brewery to help them make a start on their branding strategy by creating a great brand identity, and aided companies such as Garrison Footwear match their reputation to strong branding.

There are some incredibly successful companies out there who have been at the forefront of ground-breaking steps in their industry and have worked hard over the decades to develop something that will excite the customer. It is these companies that have turned their business into a household name. Here we take a look at a few of those brands.


Within three decades, Virgin ran a huge variation of different companies all under the Virgin brand from a range of sectors including health and leisure, telecommunications, music and aviation. Richard Branson had built up Virgin from a small mail order business to a huge branded company that is recognised across the world.

Virgin is sometimes controversial but always innovative. The brand Virgin is now so much more than products but a whole concept of luxury and style, from buying prestigious clubs to developing spaceships.


Apple has created a tech culture that has become synonymous with innovation. From its instantly recognisable brand logo to constantly developing new software, the buzz surrounding Apple every time a new product is released or an announcement is made is unrivalled.


Nike is another brand that is led by a strong, recognisable logo. Growing from an import company to a huge sportswear powerhouse, Nike is in pole position when it comes to innovating new technologies and materials to bring the best in sportswear to its consumers. Pioneering products and a clever slogan has pushed Nike onwards and upwards.


Microsoft may be a technology company developing both hardware and software, but its compelling marketing of storytelling brings a more personal feel to its brand, catapulting Microsoft into an advanced position. Microsoft has emphasised the idea that although the technology aspect of the company is very important, so is the thinking and creative process and that is what generates pioneering and game-changing ideas.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola has cleverly marketed itself since 1886 as so much more than just a fizzy drink, staying ahead of trends and continuing to evolve successfully to build up a brand, not just a company. From its highly anticipated yearly Christmas adverts to its personalised named bottles and cans, Coca Cola has stayed ahead of its competitors by bringing a strong brand message of happiness and optimism to its consumers and keeping up good company values.

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