A proud moment for the Sparks as we achieve Great Place to Work® Certification

A proud moment for the Sparks as we achieve Great Place to Work® Certification


We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve achieved Great Place to Work Certification, a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture and building our brand from the inside out. 

This certification reflects our dedication to creating an environment where every employee can thrive, regardless of who they are or what they do. 

Great Place to Work has helped us capture valuable employee feedback and validate our efforts to make Creative Spark an exceptional place to work.

What does Great Place to Work Certification mean?

Great Place to Work supports workplaces in their journey to become exceptional environments for all employees. Their mission is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background or role, has consistently positive experiences at work. 

They help companies like us cultivate a workplace culture that not only drives business success but also enhances the lives of employees and contributes to a better society.

Why is it important to us? 

Achieving Great Place to Work Certification is a testament to our commitment to our employees and the positive atmosphere we’ve worked hard to create. 

It highlights several key accomplishments:

  • Valuable employee feedback – We took the time to collect employee feedback, gaining deep insights into what it truly means to be a Spark.
  • Surpassing Benchmarks – Through a rigorous third-party validation process, we exceeded the benchmarks set by Great Place to Work®, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to creating a remarkable workplace.
  • Employee validation – This certification isn’t just about us claiming to be a great workplace, it’s our employees, the heart of Creative Spark, who have validated us as a truly exceptional place to work.

This achievement marks a proud moment for our agency as we continue to invest in what makes us unstoppable – our people.

Let’s take a closer look at the highlights

Our Great Place to Work Certification is a reflection of the incredible achievements and commitments of our entire team. 

Let’s dive into some of the highlights from our Trust Index survey:

  • Unanimous agreement – An astounding 100% of our employees agree that Creative Spark is indeed a “Great Place To Work”
  • Fair treatment for all – We are even prouder that 100% of our employees feel that they are treated fairly, irrespective of age, gender, race, or sexual orientation. This commitment to equality is at the core of our values.
  • A politics-free environment – An impressive 100% of our team affirmed that there is no backstabbing or politics within our organisation. 
  • Supporting work-life balance – Lastly, 100% of our employees felt supported in taking time off when they needed it. This reflects our understanding and commitment to work-life balance, ensuring that our team members can recharge and maintain their wellbeing.

Each and every one of our Sparks has played an integral role in our agency’s achievement of this prestigious recognition. Great Place to Work Certification is not just a logo on our website or email signatures, it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to nurturing a workplace culture where everyone can thrive and contribute their best. In turn, our clients can expect the same treatment and experience, too. 

Together, we are Creative Spark, and together, we are Unstoppable.