Adobe Remix

Adobe Remix

This week in Spark Towers, we’re taking some time to celebrate Jodie!

Jodie is one of our key studio designers, with a whole heap of experience in designing some really fun things, it’s clear that his passion really lies with creativity.

Take a look at one of his most recent masterpieces here, a little project that he was working on just for fun.

Here’s what Jodie had to say about it:

Jodies Adobe

“With the Adobe Remix, various creative bodies had been producing artwork, such as GMUNK, Sagmeister X, Walsh and the beautiful work of The Made Shop, I decided to do a quick rendition (or sort of quick by standards of long projects) and started to design my own.

The motivation was simple: to create the Adobe logo with a mechanical/industrial feel. In the beginning stages, it was quite easy to put together. It’s just all about making singular created objects appear to be connected together to make a machine or device.

People will just see it as a whole, so the details give off that it was built to spec (hopefully), but as mentioned before, each piece was placed as free-floating mechanics. From there, it was simple to just build them up, positioning the shapes of each to fit with others.

There were some problems towards the end, where prefabricated pieces needed to be deformed to fit correctly, but there was nothing that needed a major refit – thankfully.

I’ve loved modelling for years and the more intricate the better. I could happily sit there looking at the fine details and effort people put into their designs. Some of my favourites are Peter Tarka, Elroy Klee, Vault 49 and Chris LaBrooy, crazy 3D visualisers at their best!”


So, over to you folks, what do you think of Jodie’s latest creation?
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