Advertising is a joke

Advertising is a joke


If you like a joke, you pass it onto someone else.

In advertising we call this going viral.

You also warm to the person telling it.

In advertising we describe this as brand loyalty.

Jokes set the scene.

In advertising we call this storytelling.

A good joke leads one way, then there’s a twist.

In advertising we call this a ‘Smile in the mind” or “the pay-off”.

A joke makes you rethink situations.

In advertising we call this insight.

A good joke is easy to recall.

In advertising, this is a rare — but invaluable.

A joke isn’t an every day conversation.

In advertising we call this “standout”.

Bad jokes aren’t entertaining.

This is like most advertising — Which is no laughing matter.

Intentionally bad jokes are still funny (Dad Jokes).

In advertising this still works, because it’ll still stand out against the bland advertising and invoke some sort of a reaction.

My advice?

When you’re expecting someone to take the time to read or watch your advertisement —  Make it worth their while and entertain them.