Blendsmiths’ Top 3 Tips for Entrepreneurs

Blendsmiths’ Top 3 Tips for Entrepreneurs

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Growing a business can be filled with uncertainties and challenges. The co-founders of Blendsmiths, Chris Farnworth and Ryan Moore, share their invaluable tips to help aspiring business owners navigate this journey with a little more ease and a lot of passion.

Chris and Ryan, Co-Founders of Blendsmiths, feature in the first in a limited three-part series, Unstoppable Stories. Watch the full interview about their founder’s journey here.

1. Overcoming fear and taking chances

Coming from a secure environment, the idea of venturing into the unknown was intimidating for Ryan. His top tip for budding entrepreneurs is clear— don’t be scared to take chances. Opportunities may not present themselves again, and if you have a compelling idea, do the groundwork, assess logistics and finances, and, if it aligns, take the plunge. The key is to overcome fear and seize the opportunity.

2. Passion as the driving force

Chris emphasises the importance of passion in entrepreneurship. Finding something you are truly passionate about is crucial for success. Regardless of the nature of the product or service, genuine passion propels you forward and the journey becomes not just a job, but an experience that fuels creativity, and dedication and generates results.

3. Enjoying the journey

Ryan and Chris both believe that the founder’s journey should be enjoyable. Chris recounts a moment when he realised that, despite the challenges, his work didn’t feel like a typical Monday morning—it felt like pursuing a passion. They encourage fellow entrepreneurs to choose work that resonates with their passions, ensuring that every day is a step toward something they genuinely love.

A fearless pursuit of passion and finding joy in the entrepreneurial journey are at the heart of the Blendsmiths founder story. Watch the full interview about their founder’s journey here.

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