Creative Insights – Dial M For Murder

Creative Insights – Dial M For Murder

Our second instalment of Creative Insights comes from Andy Mallalieu aka Andy Mal. One of Spark’s nearest and dearest, here’s what he had to say about ‘Dial M for Murder’,his contribution to the Little Print Shop Of Horrors.

“This piece of work was inspired by Hitchcock’s 1954 crime thriller Dial M For Murder. I’ve pulled through the key themes from the original movie poster to create a clear link from the film to the design.

I steered away from anything too creepy in this poster, making it more iconic, simple and bold. It’s something shocking with a hint of eeriness that adds to the mystique of the horror. For all of the Hitchcock fans out there, I’ve designed this poster based on the film’s standalone murder scene where Margot is on the phone to her husband Tony.
For those of you that haven’t seen the film, this is also a piece that can be quite standalone in value, maybe for you guys the “M” could stand for Mum. Dial M For Mum isn’t quite as scary.”

As with all of the work in the Little Print Shop Of Horrors, all money raised goes to Forever Manchester. You can check out Andy’s work here alongside all of our other amazing pieces.

For those of you who aren’t aware, we are taking part in our annual Halloween effort to raise money for the wonderful Forever Manchester. Neil, Creative Spark’s founder and creative director, is an ambassador for the charity who focus on raising money for social projects in the Manchester area.

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