Creative Insights – Pulling Strings

Creative Insights – Pulling Strings

Our next Creative Insight comes from the creative genius that is Jodie Rudge. His idea has been inspired by Pinocchio’s wish to become a real boy. Is it just us or are puppets pretty creepy anyway? We’re pretty sure there are some twisted parallels between Pinocchio and Chuckie (bold claim, we know). In a sinister twist, Jodie’s team take Pinocchio from puppet to morbid monster, by going against his conscience and tearing the poor little Jiminy Cricket apart and finally becoming a real boy.


Here’s what team Jodie had to say:

“We contorted Disney’s story and made Pinocchio’s fairy tale ending a reflection of what it means to be a real boy. We essentially placed him destroying his conscience, Jiminy Cricket, so he no longer has a voice at the back of his head telling him to be good. Pinocchio’s evil streak is unleashed as he takes the leap from puppet to boy and no longer has any strings to hold him down. In this picture, Pinocchio is saying that squashing a bug is as easy as silencing your conscience.

We wanted to keep the colours simple and clean cut. The green background reflects Jiminy’s presence after death, but has been dulled to show that he’s never coming back. Pinocchio’s face is purposefully hidden from the poster, as the viewer no longer knows who the lovable puppet is anymore. The focus is drawn to Jiminy’s remains and the puppet’s hands enacting the cruel act with no remorse. All that’s left of the cricket are his hat and umbrella, small tokens of Pinocchio’s destruction.

Without a conscience, who is going to show him the right path?”

As if you need any extra motivation to buy this great poster, but the icing on the cake is that all the profits from each sale go to Forever Manchester. A fantastic charity that aims to help out the local community so be kind and give a little more than just sweeties this year.

Be kind and dig deep folks.