Creative Insights: Step Sister

Creative Insights: Step Sister

Our third instalment of Creative Insights is from Spark’s own Rachael. She’s been working away at making the Little Print Shop Of Horrors a success by creating a sinister twist to Cinderella.

She’s been working her dark magic once more,  a trademark sinister twist to Cinderella.


Here’s what Rach had to say about Step Sister:

‘Step Sister’ has taken its inspiration from the tale of ‘Cinderella’. In the original telling of this Grimm rags to riches story, Cinderella does not get the happy ending she desires, as her stepsisters go to insane lengths to ensure the prince marries one of them and not her.

The Brothers Grimm have the sisters hacking off their heels and chopping off their tootsies in order to fit their massive feet into Cindy’s dainty glass slipper (hence the blood and broken glass). Our print represents this particular act, showing how some people will stop at nothing when driven by greed and jealousy. Balanced out with gentle references to Disney (note the castle in the background?), ‘Step Sister‘ symbolises that the path to wealth and success isn’t always as easy as Disney portrays.

The choice of colours was pretty straight forward – we wanted to create a dark and mysterious atmosphere but highlight with a happier and lighter colour so it wasn’t all doom and gloom. The use of the pink blood as opposed to a more shocking red is to soften the brutality of the act, but it also creates the illusion that things are not always what they seem.

No pumpkins, no singing mice. Just broken heels and bloody feet.”

Pretty gory stuff right there. Rach’s team really stripped away the magic from Cinderella and brought the Grimm back into the tale.

Remember that all proceeds go towards Forever Manchester. Why not support a fantastic charity whilst getting your hands on a limited edition piece of artwork?

You can find Step Sister here.

Be kind and dig deep peeps.