Creative Spark Charities

Creative Spark Charities

Somehow, it’s already four weeks into 2015, and here at Spark Towers, we’ve chosen the two charities we’re going to support and raise money for across the year.

Mustard Tree is a charity based in Manchester that helps people who are homeless or in need of help by providing food, clothing and other supplies. They also give people training to get them back into work, education etc. Mustard Tree has been going since 1994 and their main base is in Ancoats, so not very far from us at all. Last year they helped improve the lives of over 4,500 people around Manchester  – Good going, guys.

Our other charity is a bit further away, in Orlando, Florida. The Chris Pruitt Foundation started up last September in aid of Chris Pruitt, who has had an accident that left him quadriplegic. The foundation has been set up to help to fund his recovery and ongoing care. Chris is a good friend of our Financial Director, Michael, who said:

“Chris has been a friend of mine and a friend of Creative Spark’s for the last 7 years and a big supporter of our move to America. We are passionately committed to helping him gain whatever element of independence he can throughout his rehabilitation.”

According to his blog and Facebook page, Chris has already made some great strides towards recovering and we really wish him all the best.

We’ve already been coming up with weird and wonderful ideas on how to raise money, as well as figuring out any other ways to help these great organisations.

Hopefully we can make this a great charitable year here at Creative Spark.

We won’t be able to do this without your help, guys and gals, so watch this space.