Embracing failure: Blendsmiths approach to growth and innovation

Embracing failure: Blendsmiths approach to growth and innovation

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In the world of entrepreneurship, failure is viewed through a different lens. Instead of demotivation, loss of confidence, and questioning abilities – failure is viewed as an opportunity to spot and respond to weaknesses.

In the first of our three-part series, Unstoppable Stories, Chris and Ryan, co-founders of hot drinks company, Blendsmiths, are forward-focused when it comes to their thoughts on fulfilling failure.

Watch the video here.

Having spent his career in sales, co-founder Chris brings a sales-centric perspective to the discussion. “Wins and losses are part of the game” – his emphasis is on learning, adapting, and moving on to the next opportunity. Energy spent on dwelling on failures can be better utilised in embracing the next opportunity for success.

The conversation delves deeper when co-founder Ryan, originally from a corporate background, talks about the failure of the corporate system where people don’t have more of a say in the direction of the company. This experience has led Blendsmiths to empower all team members to have a say in the company’s direction, understanding that “they can change the outcome of anything that we’re doing, any project, any product that goes out there”.

Chris and Ryan acknowledge that the word ‘no’ serves as fuel for their relentless drive to succeed. While mistakes and setbacks might momentarily dampen spirits, they ultimately contribute to the resilience required of the team in a competitive business landscape.

Looking ahead, Blendsmiths envisions a future where their brand is synonymous with alternative drinks, challenging perceptions and becoming the norm. The ambitious plan includes doubling in size over the next three years through innovation and potential acquisitions. For this to happen, fulfilling failure most positively is a must.

On a personal level, the founders both aspire to transition from working in the business to working on the business. They envision a team empowered to make key decisions, allowing them to focus on high-level strategic initiatives.

Blendsmiths’ approach to failure is a testament to their resilience and adaptability. Instead of viewing setbacks as roadblocks, they see them as stepping stones to growth, innovation, and, ultimately, success.

Watch the Unstoppable Stories series here.

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