Embracing new cultures

Embracing new cultures


This week, Amanda our PR and social intern talks about the highs and lows of working in the UK

As a PR student who was born in Spain but lives and works in the UK, I believe my background has had a really positive impact on my work. I have studied PR in both Spain and the UK and can speak three different languages; two of which are in the top three most spoken languages in the world! But, it’s not just the fact that I can speak to different nationalities in their native tongue; it’s the open-mindedness I have to different cultural backgrounds, career paths and life experiences that happens when you relocate to another country, start from scratch and reinvent your life.

On the flip side, being from a different country means that rejection is something I have had to grow used to. Since I moved to the UK I have experienced both social and professional discrimination for being Spanish, but I have also been complimented for ‘having such a beautiful accent’ and offered life-changing opportunities like interning at Creative Spark. PR and the creative industries are competitive sectors, it is difficult for all graduates to find their first job, but it can be especially difficult when you are the only “foreigner” in the office or when you have to speak to someone with a tricky accent!

What I guess I’m trying to say is that what can sometimes feel like a hindrance to your career progression can actually be what helps you to move forward. Your uniqueness is what will benefit you as a better worker within your industry. Let the rejections make you stronger and build you up, not break you down. You only need one YES to get the ball rolling. And believe me, once you start, there will be more love than hate.