Feeling Lucky? #randomspark

Feeling Lucky? #randomspark

If you’re down on your luck the rainy streets of Manchester sometimes aren’t the best place to be. As much as we all love Manchester, the rain, grey skies and bitter wind can take their toll. Since it’s Christmas, we thought it would be a good idea to cheer up the streets with a little bit of bonne chance.

Our New Business Coordinator, Ed, and Business Development Executive, Nina, decided they would share some luck with the good people of Manchester for their #randomspark act of kindness. So the two set off feeling lucky with scratch cards in hand, to brighten the mood on the streets with some good old fashioned fortune.

We’re sure Santa has some better gifts up his sleeve for you all, but who knows, maybe one of our lucky recipients will win the golden ticket. Scratch cards can have pretty hefty returns after all… Christmas presents sorted! If not, we hope it at least spread some sporadic good will and put a few smiles on some street roamers’ faces.

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