From screen to street. Do real-life brand experiences make a difference?

From screen to street. Do real-life brand experiences make a difference?


We really are in an age of ‘experience’. A steady decline in high street fortunes at the end of last year highlighted perfectly that consumers are opting to spend their hard earned cash on getting out and doing things, as opposed to owning new things. But have we seen this reflected in advertising? I think so. One of my favourite campaigns that has been running for a while but still makes me smile, epitomises the emotions that surround everyday commodities that make them feel like they play a part in our life experiences. Emotive advertising has been in existence for years and years, with the likes of John Lewis and Coca Cola leading the pack; however this approach feels a little different when you can interact with them during an off screen experience without actually purchasing the product.

The advert I’m referring to is Cadbury’s ‘Mum’s Birthday’. For me, it is a great example of the right kind of emotive advertising with the extra touch of a real-life experience. We are all fully aware that for an advertising campaign to succeed it needs to provoke a reaction; and that reaction tends to be either fear, laughter, love or intrigue. The Cadbury’s campaign makes me smile every time I see it – it genuinely makes me emotional. But not only this; it has a lovely spin that allows me to be a part of the campaign. The glass & a half full shop is something I would definitely make the trip to Soho (London) for; where I can swap my own knick-knacks for a bar of Dairy Milk! The sentiment behind the advert is beautiful, and one that resonates very personally with most people nowadays. A story of generosity, human connection and small acts of kindness that go a long way. And for Cadbury’s to put their money where their mouth is and give some generosity back to the people of Britain makes it a brand experience we can all benefit from.

Watch footage of The glass & a half full shop here:

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