I will fill this space

I will fill this space


Our friend, Rebecca Manley will be participating in an exhibition on Friday 20th March and we wanted you to know / spread the word / come and visit her. She will spend eight hours, from 10:00 – 18:15 ‘locked’ in the window of Nexus Art Cafe, Dale Street, Manchester.

We asked her what it’s all about:

“I will fill this space. I will fill it with colourful, three-dimensional paper shapes inspired by the basic design tool Microsoft Word’s AutoShapes. I want my one day installation to grow, glow and inspire! You can view my progress live using the latest technology. I am going to work as fast as I can to do as much as I can under the watchful eye of the GREAT BRITISH PUBLIC.

Warmest thanks to GF Smith for paper sponsorship and Creative Spark for their help.”