Industry Snapshot: Is AI a threat to the creative industries?

Is AI a threat to the creative industries?

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AI has certainly come a long way since its inception but remember it isn’t AI taking people’s jobs, it’s the humans who use it – and are using it for alternative thinking. 

Midjourney is one example of an AI-based image generator which has made it possible for anyone to create unique  images. But remember, the main thing AI lacks is empathy and emotion. Yes, it can create realistic images, but it can’t tell a story. 

Another AI causing fear in our industry is ChatGPT, but Media Strategists have actually been using it to their advantage. How? By using it to serve up the obvious. ChatGPT represents the bar that humans can then surpass. 

Our Associate Head of Marketing, Chloe, says, “I’ve been using AI as part of my strategy toolkit for a while now. I started using copywriting assistants to experiment with how I articulate my strategies or key messaging, and more recently have been using ChatGPT to explore alternative angles and insights. 

While there is a lot that can be discarded, I find it a fantastic tool to sense-check my work and gain some inspiration to avoid any project fatigue. In its current formats, AI is certainly a help (in some cases a great collaborator), but by no means a replacement for the people that are using it” 

But not everyone gets it right. A good example of AI being used in the wrong way is Levi Strauss & Co. who have been called out for using it to deliver on their diversity and inclusion goals. Find out more here.

In short, start using AI as a bolt on to your team and stop being frightened of it (and don’t do what Levi did!)