Let’s Talk Sugar

Let’s Talk Sugar

Once again, sugar is in the firing line. In the context of Tesco’s recently-announced plans to ban ‘lunchbox-sized’ drinks containing added sugar by September, suddenly it doesn’t seem strange to see Ribena’s newest ad campaign targeting their signature drink at adults, rather than children. All of this commotion has once again cast light upon the unique bonds shared between retailers and brands, especially when it comes to their marketing strategies.

Improving sugar content awareness is now very much a zeitgeist issue. Everything from pressure from The SACN (Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition) to halve the recommended daily intake of sugar to public confusion about the type and quantity of sugar in their food. Further, even supermarket initiatives to promote healthier eating are just the tip of the iceberg for problems facing the industry today. This added pressure is now encouraging, or even forcing, businesses to change.

It goes without saying that brands regularly change their ‘appearance’ in order to keep up to date with marketing trends. Seen in this light, it makes sense for businesses to reassess their marketing strategy when government and supermarket chains are suddenly giving sugar the axe and starting to promote a healthy lifestyle.

It is against this wider backdrop that Creative Spark is teaming up with Agent to give you: the Sugar Summit. Concerned with all things sweet and sugary, this event will offer up advice, insight and inspiration for future brand concepts. It will be held in Manchester on September 16th, and you can follow the link below to find out more information: