Life At Spark: Kira Blake (An Interns View)

Life At Spark: Kira Blake

Creativespark Intern Kira

Since the early days of Spark we’ve always looked for new opportunities, and as part of that we’ve always wanted to offer them to others too.

As part of our new series, we’ll be sharing “life at Spark” from some of our brilliant interns, old and new.

Our fourth placement to spotlight is Kira Blake, who completed a placement with us earlier on in the year. Find out about her time with us and view some of her creative below.

What made you approach Creative Spark for your internship/placement?

When researching design agencies, I came across Creative Spark and their can designs for Seven Brothers caught my eye. From then on I new I wanted to apply for their internship scheme.

What did you learn about agency life during your time with Spark?

learnt that agency life is a lot more fast paced than I expected, which I like as it means there’s a lot more design briefs to explore and experiment with. Also the amount of briefs that are worked on by everyone at once is larger than I thought. It really put my time management skills to practice.

Can you give us a brief run through a day in your life at Spark?

First of all I get up and make myself a coffee ready for the morning meeting. Once I know what I’m working on for the day I crack on whilst staying in touch with either Ryan or Rachael for feedback throughout the day. If I need anything at all, the team always makes time to help.

What has been your favourite thing to work on at Spark?

My favourite thing to work on was the valentines prints. I got the freedom to explore various different styles of illustration and all the different directions that I could take the brief in. I also enjoyed working on the branding for an energy drink. This brief really made me have to think in depth about the brand guidelines and what has to be included on the can.

What’s next after Spark?

I will continue to try and branch out into the industry, gaining more experience, meeting more amazing people and hopefully getting a job in design!

Why did you choose a career in design?

I’ve always loved designing and seeing my work come to life. I currently work in a bar and I can’t imagine not doing what I love for the rest of my life.

What is your preferred type of design?

Illustration and branding is what I enjoy the most within design. I got to explore this throughout my time with Spark a few times. I was asked to illustrate a mural for the studio cupboards with I really enjoyed doing as I don’t think I’ve ever illustrated on such a large scale before.

Want to become the next Spark?

We’re always on the look out for our next placements, so if you’re looking for a career and want to try out agency life, get in touch with

And if you’re interested in finding our more about Kira, or would like to work with her, drop us a line and we’ll sort the rest.