Lily Allen Jewellery Range Launch Campaign

Lily Allen Jewellery Range Launch Campaign

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Lily Allen isn’t a typical celebrity, the girl has bags of unique character, and recently she has poured some of it into her own jewellery range. We wanted to capture this ‘essence of Lily’ for the marketing imagery. So we spent a productive afternoon in Claridges and came away with some great shots of the girl of the moment.

Lily’s range is inspired by many different influences, as she says:

“My granny was a gypsy and I inherited a lot of her jewellery, so I incorporated the traditional gypsy sovereigns into my coin collection. The Smiley pieces were based on my acid-house tattoo.”

We had a lot to try and communicate with the imagery, so we collaborated closely with a digital artist and created a unique look and feel – Gypsy meets fashion meets pop meets fun. The results form the bedrock for the worldwide launch of the range, seen in your High Street soon.