M.A.G secure direct flights to China

M.A.G secure direct flights to China


Operated by Hainan Airlines from the 10th June, Manchester Airport has successfully secured their first direct flight to mainland China. This is an incredible achievement for the airport, MAG as a whole and the city of Manchester.

The new service will run from Manchester to the Chinese capital, Beijing, four times a week.

Airports are always looking to attract more airlines to fly from them. An increased service offering drives growth for both the airport and the surrounding area. So, with MAG securing their first direct flight to China from Manchester, this is great news for Manchester airport and further business climate.

Our creative campaign that showcased China as a travel destination supported the winning pitch that was presented to Hainan Airlines. This remarkable achievement expands Manchester Airports list of flight providers and paves the way for future economic investment and growth in this rapidly expanding city. We are incredibly proud to have contributed to this achievement that is firmly putting Manchester on the map on an international scale!

‘Our new service offering is fantastic for the airport and for Manchester as a whole. Creative Sparks campaign creative showcased China as a top travel destination and really helped to secure Hainan Airlines operating from our airport’, added Patrick Alexander, Head of Aviation Marketing.