Merry Car Sparks #randomspark

Merry Car Sparks #randomspark

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Is there anything worse than getting a parking ticket on a gloomy winter’s day? We think not… That’s why our head designer here at Spark Towers, James O’Connell, wanted to do his bit for the Spark random acts of kindness, #randomspark, and put the smile back on some hardworking commuters’ faces by helping them out with their parking for the day.

James took to the car parks of Manchester loaded with a sack of change to cheer up some drivers’ mornings. We know it’s not the grandest gesture in the game, but a little can go a long way! A parking ticket could give someone a few extra bob to buy themselves a Christmas treat like a mince pie or two perhaps…

Not only was our James helping out some merry car park customers, he was also assisting the diligent traffic wardens as we all know they hate dishing out parking tickets… especially at Christmas!

Hopefully our little gesture of kindness managed to put a spark back into the day of some of the trusty people of Manchester in a bid to spread some #randomspark Christmas cheer! Watch this space for more #randomspark activities to come from our elves here at Spark Towers…