Ministry of Sound’s Weekend Warriors

Ministry of Sound’s Weekend Warriors


We’ve worked on a lot of Ministry ads over the last years. From neon jellyfish, through glass soul singers to flyarounds of acoustic guitars, we’ve always delivered something striking and visually engaging. However, this was different.

The Weekend Goals compilation was a step in a new direction. Not only would this be our first live action shoot rather than the CGI approach we’ve used in the past, this was the first time we’d be able to let our sense of humour shine through. We knew from the second we got the brief that this was something that we could do something rather special with…

We worked with Ministry from concept to completion. When the idea was little more than just that, a scribbled screengrab in an email, we went back and forth with Naz and Benji from Ministry to ensure every single detail was right. From casting to props to the backdrop, everything had to be just so and we worked hard (and yes, some weekends) to get it spot on. Then, when everything had been planned out in meticulous detail, Neil Marra and Byron Evans (our CD and Head of Production respectively) headed down to the prestigious Big Shed studio in Trafford with a whole coterie of actors for the shoot itself.

In Neil’s own words: “We wanted to push it a bit. Ultimately, the weekend’s what you make it, so our TVC had to highlight all the different things people do, whether hitting the town or just vegging out on the sofa. We had great fun working on the concept for Ministry and we’re getting a proper buzz out of seeing it on TV.”
Ministry of Sound Marketing Director Naz Idelji said: “We love our first release of 2017. As an album, Weekend Goals is all about fun, and this ad captures that perfectly. Even the dogs were getting involved. Our thanks to Creative Spark, and to everyone who buys the album!”  

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