My Journey to Spark: Lindsay Brown

My Journey to Spark: Lindsay Brown

Journey To Spark Lindsay Landscape

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do at Spark? 

Hello! I’m Lindsay, and I joined the Sparks as a Senior Account Manager just over 3 months ago. My role is less traditional than most, as I wear a few hats. When I’m not managing digital projects, you’ll find me fulfilling internal marketing strategies. I do love the variety this role offers; no two days are alike.

Tell us a bit about your journey before Spark 

My journey has been far from linear! I began as an Event Coordinator, which led me to a Digital Traffic Coordinator role. After being exposed to a creative agency, I just knew I wanted to work in Client Services. I’ve been fortunate to work within Brand, Content, Digital, and Marketing teams at agencies such as TBWA, BJL, Dentsu, and now Creative Spark. 

 During that time, I’ve had some amazing opportunities working with brands such as Remington Hair Care to Manchester United Football Club, Gucci to BP Petrol Stations, and from Ronseal to Smyths Toys Superstores. The list goes on! I do like to think of myself as having a very broad level of experience across many disciplines, and I am happy to throw myself into any new challenge. 

What has been your career highlight to date?

My experience within the world of AFPs was an epic one…

I helped create two Advertiser funded TV shows; C4 Ronseal presents The Great Garden Revolution and RTE Ronseal presents The Big DIY challenge. 

The scale of such a project, which included the planning the 360 activation that would wrap around the show, along with the production of the show itself. As part of the teaser phase, we even create a giant billboard, created from 100’s of tearable leaflets made from ‘plantable’ seed paper. When we switch our mindset to influencing customers through entertainment, the possibilities are endless.

There was an epic amount of team effort that went into making this happen during the height of the lockdown, but an incredible experience working with brave clients, who are open seeing results with less traditionally shaped campaign activity. 

What’s the best thing about working in the agency/creative industry space?

The culture. It’s not the tax office, and we’re not saving lives—there aren’t many sectors where we get to have this much fun and actually get paid for it.

Tell us an unpopular opinion 

Kiwis with the (furry) skin left on = Very tasty

Do you have a party trick/fun fact about yourself? 

I would LOVE to one day become a llama farmer. I grew up on my Grandad’s pig farm, the country life has always been close to my heart. I think that’s where my roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-stuck-in mentality comes from. There you go, you have the inside scoop on my retirement plan!