Not quite the 12 days of Christmas…

Not quite the 12 days of Christmas…


Joy! Mirth! Festive cheer! It can only mean one thing: it’s chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistmas!

Except… It’s not.

It’s December 1st. Jangly Christmas tunes may fill the airwaves, your neighbour’s house may be lit up like an airport runway and the high-street hordes may have swollen to Walking Dead levels, but that still doesn’t get round the fact that Christmas Is Still Almost A Month Away.

Blah Humbug

But fret not weary winter wretches: we Sparks are here to serve up the perfect antidote to all the Yuletide overkill.

Over the next 24 days we will be running our ‘Not Quite The 12 Days Of Christmas’ campaign. Every two days, we’ll be releasing a distinctive desktop background, each of which will offer a sideways take on the traditional 12 days featured in the (in)famous song. We hope that they help raise a wry smile during this unabashedly schmaltzy season.  

Your traditional Christmas fare it ain’t, so if you’re sick of Kris Kringle and his antlered gaggle of festive cheerleaders, our alternate take on Christmas may be just the ticket. Keep your eyes on our Instagram and Facebook feeds to see the designs (and the links to download them!) as they come out.

If you like today’s wallpaper, you can get it here: 

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Merry Notmas everybody!